18 thoughts on “The Rugby Championship 2017: Argentina vs Australia”

  1. I'm Argentine, but I think we're not at the level Necessary To be in this tournament, we have a very good team, but you can not compare Argentina with South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

    Sorry for my bad English ;(

  2. Argentina still a quality team. This performance was nowhere near their best but they will turn up again, always the darkhorses. Would love to see a match between them and some of the European teams alot more often. They seem to go with that northern style better (Wallabies fan). Them damn All Blacks though, what the hell, I can't believe how amazing they have been in this tournament whilst showing multiple signs of further improvement.

  3. actually if had a New Zealand Maori team with the majority of the All Blacks being Maori and having all the resources and time together we be unbeatable so long Maori have propped up The All Blacks and New Zealand rugby those administration NZRFU have always feared for us to stand alone we have made them rich as well as nation raped from us

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