19 thoughts on “Springboks Vs All Blacks Tribute (All Blacks Bashed Up Tribute)”

  1. hahahahaha so much hatred from new zealand and I thaught you guys are nice people….guess I was wrong and I wonder why you are here if you do not like this why are you here are you jealous if a team beats you hahahahahaha but stil I admire the all blacks

  2. Our little guys like Grant Batty,Sid Going,Bernie Fraser etc used to waste those big SA players back in the day,look it up,they used to give them one hell of a hiding and they were only small but they wasted those big SA.

  3. Jinne, those were the days, hey. When ZA Rugby still meant something on the world scene. Before "transformation" and before politics and before quotas… Thanks for making this video. It is already of historical importance.

  4. Hahahaha 4:40 of smashing the AB's, sure some BI Lions thrown in. Also some footage from 22 years ago, muppets. We have hours of footage smashing the Boks just from last year

  5. This is a great clip, but I want everyone to know that this doesn't represent the Springbok team. A lot of those were dirty plays from the Springboks. But you can't say that just cause we have a few players that play dirty here and there, that we're all thugs. Historically, the Springboks is the 2nd best rugby team in the world, with NZ being the best. We play hard and we're the most physical rugby team in the world. So when we play NZ, things are bound to get physical. But they do it to us too. Every rugby team has dirty players.

  6. I find it interesting that everyone is anti-springboks. I am South African springbok for always. However I have crazy respect for the All blacks, and therefore do not agree with this pick. They are the best in the world at the moment, no argument there. These two teams are probably the biggest rivals ever. Question Chritopher Ward and Lachie Williams, have the all blacks never played dirty? Lachie Williams the All Blacks can smash us any day like they have before I agree but so can we. 1995 world cup, tri nations. On the day anything can happen. We have the best track record than any other team against the legendary all blacks in 93 games our two nations have played Springboks won +/- 40% and if you can do the maths Lachie All Blacks won +/-60%. All blacks are the best team according to history then the Springboks.
    And the thugs thing, New Zealand is the country the British sent all their thugs…. it was years ago though and is history. Just think and get your facts correctly before you speak.
    P.S Lachie Williams. Swearing shows your level of intelligence.
    Take it easy.

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