20 thoughts on “England vs Wallabies highlights”

  1. If this were NZ everyone would be lauding their superior fitness and talking about how it allows them to still execute at pace in the last 20 minutes, how they ground the opposition down and smashed teams with turnover ball at the end of the game.

    England do it and they were lucky with the TMO, Australia didn't get the run of the green, the tries were lucky….

  2. Australia lose to England in a major sport. In this case Rugby. Good. I love it when England beats Australia in anything. Aussies need to eat humble pie once in a while. They are too arrogant for my comfort levels. The whinging aussies come out of the woodwork as usual making excuses for their team. And not giving any credit to England for thrashing the Ozzies fair and square. Typical Australians. They are extrememly bad sportsmanship people. LOL! Well Done England keep it up. They hate losing at Rugby as much as they do in Cricket LOL! Cricketers can learn a great deal their rugby counterparts on how to consistently and regularly humilate and beat Australia in team sports and shut their loud and parochial fans up! I love it. Keep it up Rugby players!

  3. The Wallabies are an embarrassment to their country. They conceded 17 points in 10 minutes, and conceded 40 against us in 40 minutes earlier in 2017…

  4. Moore block was a correct call, but I feel a bit sorry for the Aussie 14 – if Moore wasn't in the way, he almost certainly would've scored anyway. Bloody forwards.

  5. how is hooper offside if korobete ran infront of hooper?  doesn't that put hooper onside to have someone that was behind the kicker run in front of him?  not seeing how that is a good call, unless the rules on having a chaser to put people onside has changed and I didn't notice?

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