18 thoughts on “Michael Cheika Post Game – England 30-6 Australia”

  1. I am an AB’s fan and England in the World Cup was easily taken. But now under Eddie Jones, England is a totally different animal all together. World Cup contenders and may just get it done after watching them. I can’t wait to see them play the All Blacks because they have been beating the same teams but it looks like they have been dominating them more.

  2. Australia are a good side and will get better. England are then same. It was just one of those games that favoured one side in the decisions the ref made. On their day either could beat anyone including the AB's. MC comes across as a bad loser but it shows he cares. I'd rather that than some manager coming on with a smile and a joke. I still don't particularly like him though!

  3. If England players and coach think like some of their fans that the scoreboard was a fair reflection of the game then they're all dreaming. All the chest beating and put downs of the Wallabies will only stoke the fires of the Wallaby players and potentially build a false sense of security in the English squad for the next game. England deserved to win no doubt but don't kid yourselves about the apparent 'gulf' in quality between the sides – it will bite you on the bum sooner than later.

  4. Please dont put game scores in video titles. Network TV doesnt carry rugby where I live so youtube is my source. Your title spoilt my 'live' coverage.

  5. Well done michael……always behind u guys wen u lose……not like the fucking English wen it comes to the world cup they r fucking shit…..well done aussie

  6. Mate your one win against the All Blacks this year and you thought you were just gonna go over and walk all over the northern teams. Your favourite word is "adversary", you had none and there was none.   You're delusional mate when the pressure is high, you release the fufu valve!

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