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  1. Alistair appears to be a coach that wants to be liked rather than a coach that wants to be respected. His coaching seems to be based on old rugby philosophy he hasn't adapted to what's happening around him. They should have given the coaching job to Johan Ackerman. Coming from a Kiwi.

  2. Please don't give Pieter de Villiers tenure as bok coach too much credit. He inherited a World Cup winning team from Jake White who should've had his contract extended but we know what happened there.

  3. It's pretty easy what happened.
    Ireland are the 2nd best team in the world(regardless of the official rankings) they are not on the rise they have already risen and are still introducing new young talented players all the time. Their focus is 100% on the World cup, where in the past they played to compete in the 6 nations but their scope has been shifted and lead by Joe Schmidt and their ambition with that has shifted. Schmidt is not just leading the national team he's also got free rain to change the structures of rugby in Ireland and has fundamentally changed the way the academies bring on players. It's an exciting time for Ireland.
    Add to that, SA are sadly going through a really bad time. Erasmus will hopefully turn things around however.

  4. Ireland usually beats South Africa or Australia in Ireland and we have done that since the sixties. We don't really have much fear of anyone except the bucks in the black Jersey's and that's just the fear of playing the best. Springbok 9 and 10 are not good enough they can only play running rugby, not enough for test level. Your missing to many players up front like Alberts, Spies, van Der merve, up in France. Pack isn't strong enough to manhandle teams the way the springbok need them to do with the 9 and 10 they have. Play pollard, find a better kicking scrum and for god sake get rid of the quota system. It would have been a bad joke to have the world Cup play in a country where politicians pick the team.

  5. Mate you were bang on!! Your passion for this team is amazing. I just watched it. It was a good game. Johnny Sexton is a pimp. He’s icy as hell. Total clutch. This Ireland team is a lot of fun to watch. Last night I watched England vs Ireland. That is one of my favs of all time. I call that the DNA Bowl. Like the Super Bowl of my lineage. Both English and Irish. You guys looked OK. The Beast didn’t do much. No? Thanks.

  6. Wake up china's Told you so…lol Develop this team 15 Francious Steyn or coetzee 14 Ruan Combrink 13 Kriel 12 Janse van Rensburgh 11 Siya Senatla Habanah or Mvovo 10 Handre Pollard 9 faf de klerk 8 Whiteley,Vermeulen 7 Jl du Preez 6 Jaco Kriel or kolisi 5 Mostert or steph du toit 4 Etsebeth 3 Kitshoff or matarira 2 marx 1 Malherbe best team Jake White and Rassie Erasmus assistant coach and Alisters head on a silver plate.Or i stop watching rugby

  7. Very honest appraisal Gareth but really with so many great players gone from the team rebuilding was always going to be hard. There used to be an old adage when Springbok rugby was strong rugby was strong. Still true today. As a New Zealander and AB supporter the Springboks need to be strong

  8. I think very few teams would have beaten Ireland that day. The longer Schmidt has with them the better he seems to be getting with them. The Boks can only improve, great video Gareth.

  9. Coetzee has broken all kinds of records since joining the Springboks according to Wikipedia!
    Perhaps folks can verify the validity of these

    First ever defeat to Ireland in South Africa
    First ever away defeat to Argentina
    First ever defeat to Italy
    Worst ever year in Springbok history – 4 wins from 12 Tests [2016]
    Most points ever conceded against New Zealand (57) in both 2016 and 2017
    Biggest margin of defeat ever against New Zealand (57-0)
    The most points ever conceded against Ireland – home or away – in 111 years (38)

  10. I feel for you guys, I know you really passionate about your rugby, but it seems like you guys are getting worse as time goes on. The springboks were and for a very long time the top 2 teams if not the top in the world, they kept that top spot for a long time which shows it was not just a lucky run, they were that good. But it seems that time is over and wont be returning very soon. It will be great to see them at their best again, but sadly that does not seem to be on the case. I don't believe management is the problem , the managers don't run out on the field, the players do.

  11. As an All Blacks supporter it’s sad seeing the Mighty Springboks play such inconsistent and at times “school boy” rugby,the last test they played against the All Blacks was satisfying for rugby fans on both sides because I for one have longed for the days when we play the Bokkies and we don’t know who’s gonna win, I just want to see our old foe back up near the top where they belong until then All Blacks Everything

  12. Id certainly love to sit down over a few beers with you and talk/debate rugby. If im honest and its probably a bit arrogant I predicted a 20 point victory for Ireland. Get an overseas coach in as soon as the Boks land back In SA and the potential of that team is right up there. An outhalf might not go a miss either. Rugby needs a competitive South African team

  13. I think as an irishman one of the things that was most pleasing was that we dominated physically. Henderson running over etzebeth was unreal. Ireland have been accussed of being small, only got a kicking game, no depth and crap once BOD and paul o'connell retired. Thats a thing of the past, we have depth, some huge specemins, physicality and a varied game. I agree i think boks will be a dominant force again but coetzee needs to go…

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