19 thoughts on “England v Australia – Michael Cheika & Michael Hooper Full Post Match Press Conference”

  1. It's not hard to determine the offside if you read the rule book section 11. Professional players should be across this, it's these differences that are the reasons they get paid to play.

  2. I feel a bit sorry for Cheika in this press conference, even as an Englishmen, He starts off saying we don't want to make excuses rugby but is then asked question after question regarding the TMO…Whats a man to do??

  3. Checked back and the Aus player didnt make contact with the ball so Hooper was 100% still offside. Shame because it was good play that led up to it.

  4. World rugby is a joke hes right no point. Steve Hansen is still waiting for an answer from the refs in the Lions series. World rugby is all about the NH and thats it

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