20 thoughts on “Full post match press conference: Wallabies”

  1. I was working the rickshaw in Edinburgh that night, ran into Hooper stumbling around george st alone. Seemed like a cool dude but obviously pretty disappointed with the result.

  2. Michael I think that it is your right leg that slips and hits the side of your head
    the penalty was for a shoulder to the head Kepu was in midair missile mode when he hit the head of the player , stop making a fool of yourself in front of the millions of people who watch the game on T V and how many thousands of people who came to watch the game Sonny Bill Williams was given a red card for the very same reason
    what you are saying is : that you do not respect the rules of the game
    what type of rant would you scream out if the opposition had head tackle one of your players and only received a yellow card, then there would be no slip of the leg then, just the full abuse towards the ref and the opposition players

  3. Cheika you are a grub. Have a shave mate you look disgraceful and that tie is a shocker. This clown should have got the sack a long time ago. He survives off of dead rubber victories over New Zealand.

  4. Seems dejected, defensive. Tie is askew. Cheika had a lot to live up to coming to the norther hemisphere and it wasn't as fruitful as he would like. The Australians have a VERY VERY good squad, and mark my words (save my post etc) in the Japanese world cup in 2019 they will have some real momentum. Combinations are being trialed and hopefully they click into place.

  5. Cheika talks so much crap.  Watson was slipping low way before Kepu lined him up.  He was always going to strike him high up and he led with the elbow.  Hooper is class as usual.

  6. It appears he can't even name Gregor Townsend. The man has no grace or respect. Hooper puts him to shame here and it's a bad sign when coach and captain are not on the same page.

  7. The reason Watson didn't go to the HIA because he's as hard as nails. Definite intent, no attempt to tackle using the arms, dived in off his feet. Clear red all day long

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