18 thoughts on “All Blacks 2017 | THE YEAR THAT WAS.”

  1. Я начинаю влюбляться в регби. Это очень зрелищно, а игрой All Blacks можно только восхищаться

  2. id say this was probably their worst year in ages, lost 3 drawn one?! failed to win the lions tour, very poor for NZ's standards, however they for me, are a level above anyone else, and this video shows it, aboslute class ! 🙂

  3. Superb highlights. I think Ireland and England are a coin toss for number 2 in the world right now, and a clear cut above the rest in the top 6 in the world respectively, but you just have to admit this is another level. Such slick hand passing and movement combined with almost telepathic understanding. Love them or hate them, you have to respect them. Superb outfit, and great to watch. Its not a strongest man in the world competition, its rugby, and this is something many nations get wrong. The kiwis are a great balance between brawn, speed and finesse that a lot of countries need to learn from.

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