9 thoughts on “2016 Ireland v Australia”

  1. Ireland are a really good team but they miss out on many an off load opportunity which would elevate their game…instead they seam happy just to go to ground.

  2. one thing that has occured to me often times after this and other matches is – Why is Trimble a winger, and not centre? He has lost the pace of his youth, much as Bowe did after injuries, but in place of that Trimble has fantastic strength and defensive capabilities (see his tackle v Squire against NZ in Chicago) and incredible feet (v Wales in 2016 I think?). Yes, he has an incredibly solid presence under high ball but do these other skills justify his change of position more? As winger, obviously we do not know his distribution skills properly but, even though Ulster have an abundance of riches in centre at the moment, unless Trimble regains his pace, perhaps they or Ireland as a whole would be better trying him in centre?

  3. So good to see Irish rugby fulfill its potential. Joe Schmidt has done wonders. But why could not Declan Kidney achieve this? It seems that the southern hemisphere still has the edge, at least with coaches. Eddie Jones is breaking records in England with the same team, essentially, that Stuart Lancaster had. Do they just demand more from their teams?

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