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Rugby is about winning and Outright Rugby is no different. We live with the pulse of Union and our aim is to provide you with an easy to use analysis of current and future markets by assessing statistics, news, form past and present, referees, the weather among others that you will be able to make good money from your interest in Rugby Union punting. It is possible.

We believe in certain fundamental criteria to being a successful punter:

Never bet money that you can not afford to lose.

Keep your punting money for punting. Manage your betting by opening an account and use only that account to wager your bets. Using more than one bookie may offer better prices today but it will lead to mismanagement in the long run.

Manage your bankroll successfully. Never bet more than 20%-30% of your pot at short odds (i.e. 4/10 to 7/10) or more than 15%-20% of your pot on even money or greater odds. Everyone will at some stage lose a bet – don’t allow this truth to knock you out of the game or dent your profits too heavily.

Stick to the sport you know best and only listen to those that tip better than you do. Be honest with yourself in this respect.

Never punt with your heart. You want to make money so do not bet on a team for the sake of it when you think they may lose.

Never chase. We all have our ups and downs and understanding this don’t bet bigger through the bad patches.

By following these rules you can make good money out of your love of Rugby Union.

  • QwanSolo

    Never take a Quartet with every horse in the race for 100 bucks. You may end up with coppers!

    • http://twitter.com/outrightrugby Outright Rugby

      Qwan. We strongly agree!